Cloud Security

Cloud Security

The Edge of Shared Responsibility

    In this climate, any business already using or considering cloud based solutions must act to ensure data is handled appropriately and service providers are meeting their obligations.  Your business data and the personal information of your customers is at stake.   The Ponemon Institute study of Cloud Security reports that Cloud Providers assume their customers and end users have more responsibility for security than the provider.  

    Your cloud provider likely thinks security is more YOUR issue than theirs.

    Working Security performs audits of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Salesforce.COM, and other cloud and web hosting providers to ensure controls are in place to protect your business.    

    If you are considering cloud deployments, we help organizations develop bid specifications and act as your advocate during negotiation and delivery to ensure your data is secured.   We’ve audited web and cloud service providers for years and understand the assumptions they make about your data.