Incident Response

Don’t be the Headline

Don’t be the Next Headline

If you’ve ever received a notice from your bank, broker, or health care provider that your information “may have been accessed and they are changing your account number or updating your password”, you know the feeling shared by millions of Americans each year. 

If you’ve ever had to write that letter, you know the disruption, turmoil and financial hardship it can create in an organization. Our goal is to help your organization avoid that experience.

Organizations manage a combination of trade secrets, intellectual property, and private information.  

Loss of confidential data typically results in:   

  • Regulatory fines 
  • Remediation costs – investigation, credit monitoring, legal fees
  • Customer attrition and Revenue loss
  • Loss of goodwill and reputation
  • Increase future selling costs

Working Security is an independent provider of information security risk management, compliance, and governance services. We help clients secure cloud, mobile, office and industrial systems with a balance between financial responsibility and rational security.