Partner in Cybersecurity

A Partner for your I/T Team

Your information technology team is there for you day in and day out. They keep systems running and occasionally perform miracles to help you meet deadlines. When you ask them if your systems are secure, they give you the best answer they can, “Yes, we’re doing our job.”

The risk businesses face is that I/T isn’t in the right position to assess the security of systems they implement. Driven by operational deadlines and business requirements for functionality, they are typically forced to expedite work and accept risks in order to meet tactical goals.

The most effective step in securing your electronic data is to assign a qualified security officer to work with your I/T support team. A security officer can objectively assess the risks in your environment without the conflicts associated with urgent operational day-to-day tasks.

Working Security works side by side with your I/T organization to identify risks, mitigation strategies, and ensure you’re getting the best security from the investments you’ve already made.

Our approach ensures:

  • I/T security exposures are tied to business impact
  • Priorities are assigned in line with business needs
  • Progress is monitored and reported