Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Testing Proves you Secure Important Data

“You need to know that your investment in technology is protecting you from data losses and public breaches.”  

Business partners, clients, and regulators require that you regularly test your websites, networks, and devices for known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.    You test to ensure I/T service providers are diligent, to prioritize future upgrades, and for simple peace of mind.   If you don’t find the vulnerabilities in your websites and networks, outsiders will. 

Working Security Testing Services include:

  • Scanning your networks, computers, and websites for vulnerabilities
  • Evaluating your wireless networks for insecure configurations
  • Penetration testing critical application and devices
  • Validating staff awareness through Social Engineering techniques
  • Delivering a risk prioritized plan to address vulnerabilities in the right order
  • Working with your teams to close issues and document success

Working Security delivers vulnerability reports, ethical hacking services, and penetration tests.   We provide testing services on-site at your business and remotely by virtual private network (VPN) connection.   All test services come with detailed technical results, prioritized to allow immediate mitigation of identified weaknesses.   Our reports and matching action plans allow you to demonstrate a responsible standard of care for the data you hold for partners, clients, and customers.

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