Practical Risk Assessment

Practical Risk Assessment

Complete your Risk Assessment 

HIPAA, PCI, and other commercial and government regulations mandate a risk analysis as an early step in the process of securing electronic data.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology provides multiple documents describing recommended approaches to risk assessment. Depending on your industry or regulatory requirements, adherence to these standards may be mandatory or recommended.

In any case, this crucial step allows a business to prioritize risks and make sound economic decisions about mitigating those risks. Unfortunately, many of these standards are lengthy and full of technical terms which even a proactive business will find challenging to understand and assess. 

Working Security provides a clear cut path through the jargon and requirements of even the most detailed risk assessment and helps your business complete this crucial step easy. With a simple question and answer approach using our online risk management platform or professional services, we will complete your risk assessment quickly and with as little disruption to your business.

When complete, you will receive a concise and easy to read prioritized list of risks relevant to your business. That list can be used to craft policies and request specific changes from your I/T support organization.