Risk Assessment

Protect what’s Important

“Risk assessment is the foundation of Information Security.  As the first step in almost every information security compliance and regulatory standard, organization must not ignore this vital step.”    

Identifying information assets and the real threats to those assets allows you to make responsible decisions about protecting them.   Without this foundation, you risk spending too much on the wrong solutions to protect the wrong assets.   When you get it right, you demonstrate responsible care in protecting the information of your customers and your business.

Risk assessment isn’t a marketing give-away and we don’t pad our assessments with hardware and software recommendations we hope to sell. 

Working Security conducts risk assessments using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines consistent with the complexity of your business and in compliance with industry standards like HIPAA.  

With a Working Security Risk Assessment, you’ll be able to make deliberate and prioritized changes to your computing policies and infrastructure that demonstrate due diligence in protecting information.  We provide vendor neutral and unbiased assessments of your technology and how it mitigates business risk.